Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flash Fiction: The Cocktail

The challenge from Chuck Wendig over at terribleminds this week was to pick a cocktail and name our story after it. The twist this time is the story is limited to just 500 words. And I'm going for the bonus points too, so the recipe follows. Enjoy your drink.

Primal Scream

The longer he paced along the rooftop, the more despondent he got, pausing every so often to peer down into the blackness below.
“Where is he?” Johnny asked. He crushed a half smoked cigarette beneath his feet, immediately lit up a fresh one and began pacing again. He walked to the corner of the rooftop and slowly turned around to retrace his steps.
“You look a bit nervous J. Are you nervous?”
Johnny started and instinctively took a step back. His feet hit the brick line and he started to flail his arms to regain the balance he just lost.
A hand shot out and grabbed hold of his coat. The grip was strong and held him in place.
“Now, now J. This is no way to deal with your problems.”
“Oh. Shit. Not. Cool.” Johnny took a deep breath. “I could have died, Styles.”
“That’s the only logical conclusion if you throw yourself off of a twenty story building.” Styles said. “Did you get the key?”
“Yes.” Styles pulled Johnny upright and released his hold. “Why did you have to pick a place like this for the meet?”
“Oh, we don’t want a Rear Window on our hands.” Styles said.
Styles’ statement was returned with a blank stare.
“Forget it. It’s before your time. Does anybody know you’re here?”
“Of course not,” Johnny said. “I know how this works.”
“Okay then, hand over the key.” Styles said.
“What about my sister and her kid?” Johnny asked. “How do I know they’re still safe?”
Styles sighed. “You clearly don’t know how this works J. The only way this ends happily is if you do what you are told. You don’t have any choice but to trust me. Or bad shit happens.”
“Okay, okay.” Johnny pulled the key out of his coat pocket and handed it to Styles. “What does it go to?”
“A door,” Styles said.
“What does the door lead to?”
“Fine, I get it. It’s none of my business.” Johnny said. “I won’t ask about it.”
“Now you’re catching on J.”
“So, now can you tell me about my sister?”
“I don’t know anything about her.” Styles said.
Johnny looked crestfallen. “But I thought you said everything would be fine once I did what you asked?”
“It is fine.”
“I got nothing against women and children. I’m not a sociopath.”
“So they aren’t in any danger?” Johnny asked. “I don’t understand.”
“Clearly,” Styles said. “It’s all about motivation J. You can get a lot accomplished with the proper motivation.”
“You lied to me?”
“Now don’t go filling yourself up with righteous indignation.” Styles straightened the wrinkles in Johnny’s coat and placed his palm flat against his chest. “Everybody wins in the end.”
Styles shoved forcefully, sending Johnny toppling over the edge of the rooftop, a primal scream echoing across the skyline as he sped to earth.
Styles turned to leave with a satisfied grin on his face. “Now that deserves a drink.”

Primal Scream Cocktail
1/2 shot Kahlua
1/2 shot Tequila
Soda Water Splash

Pour the Kahlua and Tequila into a tall shot glass. Add the soda. Place your hand over the glass and bang it on the table so it fizzes. Down it and scream!